British Standard Locks are locks that have been approved by the British Standards Institution (BSI). These locks display the BS stamp of approval to inform customers that the product has been tested and assessed to meet a criteria relevant to its intended use.

In addition to the BS Kitemark, some locks may also display a number that indicates the standard that the lock has met. Different locks require different standards.

BS3621: This standard of lock is commonly fitted to external uPVC and composite doors. The use of these locks is often used to increase security and often required by insurance companies.

BS8621: These locks are often found in properties with only one door, for example flats. They require a key for entry to the premise but are fitted with an internal thumb turn which can be used as an emergency escape.

BS10621: Commonly found in commercial properties, these locks can not be locked/unlocked from the inside, ensuring a higher level of security.

A variety of locks including euro cylinders, mortice and night latches are all available to meet the British Standard criteria. Contact us on or 07548449673 if you unsure whether your lock meets the British Standards or if you would like to upgrade.

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