If you only have one car key, then seriously consider getting a spare by contacting a mobile auto locksmith. 

A spare car key from a dealer can cost on average over £300. We offer transponder keys from £70 and remote keys from £140.

When contacting Anylock Ltd, a mobile auto locksmith be sent out to your vehicle, preventing further expense of towing your car to the main dealer.

Ensuring you have two car keys at all times can save hundred of pounds by preventing a lost key situation!

What is the difference between transponder and remote keys?

A transponder key allows manual access to the vehicle whereas remote keys provide full central locking access.

Top Tips when contacting a mobile auto locksmith: 

  • Always make sure you instruct the locksmith to use genuine car keys.
  • If your vehicle is financed and you decide to terminate the contract, make sure you are ready to hand the vehicle back with two car keys. Otherwise you will incur the cost of a replacement from a dealer! Check your small print on your finance agreement.
  • Vehicles with two car keys are more desirable to potential buyers.

If you would like any further information please contact us on info.anylocklocksmith@gmail.com or 07548449673.

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