Replacement Car Key

Car key replacement, here at Anylock Ltd, we can provide transponder and remote keys for almost any make, any model of car.

Transponder Car Key

Transponder key programming is offered by Anylock Ltd as part of their car key replacement service. A transponder chip is hidden inside the plastic head of most modern car keys. When a key is inserted into the ignition lock and turned, the onboard computer sends a signal to the transponder. The transponder must reply to the signal with a valid code, otherwise the engine can not be started. 

The valid code is unique to your vehicle, for this reason it is not possible to cut a key without a transponder programmer.

There are various reasons why you would need a transponder key programming. You may have damaged the key, lost the transponder or the transponder is faulty. Our auto locksmiths are here to help, you don’t need to go to your main dealer, just contact us and we can replace the transponder key for almost any make and model. Even if you have lost your keys, we can programme a transponder chip the same day.

What happens if my car wont start?

If your car won’t start and there is nothing mechanically wrong with the vehicle, you are likely to have a problem with the transponder not communicating with the ECU. Our auto locksmiths can programme a new transponder key if you know the transponder is not working/needs programming. 

Remote Keys

Our auto locksmiths are able to programme remote keys which contain the programmed transponder chip but also enable you to continue using the central locking.

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